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Safe and reliable drone services

Dronnair is an innovative startup company which provides high quality Unmanned Aerial Surveys services. It is powered by a multiskilled, highly qualified team with extensive experience in field operations. As the company strives to offer the best quality services to its customers, Dronnair’s team pays special attention to quality control and safety issues. Therefore, the company has a solid track record for quality control and SORA (Special Operations Risk Assessment). The company has EASA authorisations in specific class and is allowed to fly in Finland, Sweden and Norway.


Although Dronnair’s has extensive experience in the mining sector, where is a well-known supplier of UAV powered geophysical measurements, drone-based services are  more and more used in  other domains like agriculture, construction, forestry, environmental monitoring. Therefore the company is able to offer a wide range of drone services:

  • Low-altitude UAV geophysical magnetic prospecting.
  • RGB Mapping (Landscape Height Maps, Enhanced Visibility Land Features, Accurate measurements i.e Volume and Area).
  • Thermal and Infrared Imaging.
  • Creative Aerial Content (3D Environment Models, Aerial Photography and Videography).
  • Aerial Inspection 
  • Building inspections
  • Industrial facilities inspections
  • Specialized Drone Trainingto

Safe and reliable drone services

Dronnair has a fleet of customized VTOL drones which are suitable for a wide variety of applications. 

  • Over 2 hours of flight time
  • Simultaneous use of 2-3 drones
  • 1000 line km capacity in a single day
  • Ability to follow various terrain
  • Suitable for rural and urban missions

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